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Verticalis provides consultancy for your company’s digital transformation.

Dematerialization of Business Processes, optimization of data flows among users and mobility are becoming strong efficiency levers for organizations.
While the digital economy is growing, Verticalis assists companies to interact more with Internet in order to become more collaborative.

Verticalis uses Digital and Information Technologies in order to improve competitivness, innovation, and simplicity.

We supply Consulting in:
· Innovation Management
· Digital Strategy
· Change Management

Verticalis also supplies in following fields:
· e-Commerce and e-Administration
· Business Intelligence & Dashboards
· Dematerialization and Business Process Management


VERTICALIS assists companies in their digital transformation in order to enhance innovation, competitiveness, growth and also well-being at work.

Thanks to its Human Capital and technology knowledge, VERTICALIS, can help you to grow in the new digital area. Due to new tools such as geolocation, mobility, electronic banking and dematerialization, VERTICALIS can help you growing your business.

While the Digital Economy brings a lot of new opportunities VERTICALIS assists organizations in implementing their digital strategy.

Because Digital Economy should equal the real economy within 25 years, organizations that anticipate this turning point are setting up strategies that rely on new technologies, new processes and new business models.

VERTICALIS assists organization to define new strategies and choose the best technologies adapted to their businesses.


VERTICALIS supplies solutions in following fields:
· e-Administration
· Mobiles Applications
· Business Intelligence


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